Chanting and Ritual

Shamans worldwide have woven into the fabric of Chant healing, celebration, initiation and lament. This mysterious and valuable art is being revived in our modern world to expose the power of our body's healing capacity. While Chanting the breath deepens and becomes more rhythmic, this stimulates the capacity for physical and emotional healing and enhances altered states of consciousness

Through the repetition and vibratory quality of chanting in a Semitic language such as Aramaic, a person can experience the integration of a vital and expanded awareness. Through this awareness rigid thought patterns begin to soften, allowing the Shem or life force to flow through the body, relaxing the mind and supporting a transformational experience.

While co-creating these chants we have enjoyed delicate moments of opening, the recognition and enactment of personal spiritual authority and the recovery of natural wisdom. This continues to be transformative, challenging and very rewarding.

One of the sources of inspiration for our music is the beautiful language of Aramaic, commonly spoken in the Middle East in the time of Jesus. As in all Semitic languages, each word is a combination of elements from previous root words and thereby holds a range of meanings. There is no one correct translation and we invite you to allow the power of these ancient words to speak directly to you.

"When I first heard the Lords Prayer spoken in Aramaic I had an immediate sense of recognition and felt a strong physical response. I experienced a deep yearning to learn and sing these unknown yet strangely familiar words. As I embarked on a quest to understand more about the origins of the language I felt a deep transformation occurring in my life, aided by the simple chanting of these mystical sounds. In the beginning I had no knowledge of the meanings behind the words and yet the affects on my perception of reality was increasingly filled with realisations and healing.

Some believe that Aramaic words hold a vibratory resonance and encourage healing and transformation. Due to my own experience I would agree with this. Many people have shared that while listening to these chants they have been deeply moved and felt their life transformed. Some have expressed gratitude for during times of crisis they felt uplifted, supported and healed by an awakening inner wisdom."

Colleen de Winton

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