Retreat Dates

Where: Nab Cottage in the heart of the Lake District, UK
When: Cycle One:
April 17 - 19
Cycle Two:
June 19 � 21
Cycle One:
September 25 � 27
Cycle Two:
October 30 � Nov 1

Retreat start time is 6pm Friday evening, 10am to 9pm Saturday, 10am Sunday to 5pm. There will be time for walks in this beautiful scenic area.

IF — Retreat for Women

IF is Intimate Fulfillment

Women hold an incredible ability to transform and empower themselves through making healthy and effective choices. Most of the distress we experience in life is caused by not realising our basic needs for love, intimacy, joy, meaning and purpose.

IF retreats provide a framework for understanding and developing dynamic life affirming patterns: these patterns support a natural ability to experience nourishing and passionate intimacy.

IF retreats are for women who are interested in healing, growth, enhancing their relationships and discovering the potential of their sexual life. Experience how the gift of your sexuality can be a powerful resource enabling full self-expression, vibrant health, confidence, happiness and harmony.

IF retreats bring women together to reveal the stories of their deepest longing for intimate fulfillment: exploring sexuality, sensuality, emotional intelligence, honest communication and intimate relationships. During IF retreats we work with both emotional patterns and the body’s natural intelligence for sexual healing.

Spend a weekend together and reveal your full sensual nature.

Discover your body’s natural intelligence to heal itself through Intentional Breath Work, co-designed ritual, dyadic reflection cycles, Tantric practices, whole person integration, sound and movement. Develop your skills in a safe, fun and encouraging environment; learn effective tools to support your relationships.

Join us and deepen your adventure.

Your Facilitator:

Colleen Sutherland (de Winton) Colleen Sutherland has been a therapist and group facilitator for the past 15 years. She has completed training in Sacred Sexuality, Skydancing Tantra, Intentional breath work, Radical Inquiry, Compassionate Communication and Conscious relationships. Colleen has a unique ability in creating a compassionate and challenging environment that fully supports participants. She is also a professional singer/songwriter, vocal coach and specialises in sacred chant.

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Registrations and Fees

Cost: £145 (Food and accommodation not included.)

Contact details: Colleen Sutherland (de Winton)


Phone: 0044 (0)1539 433009

For those coming from overseas or other areas accommodation is available: Contact us for details.